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Aubade luxury nightwear for ladies

As a power woman, you always go about your day in stylish clothes that make you feel comfortable and authentic. With the luxury nightwear for ladies from Aubade, you take this elegance and style into the night. Beautiful, lace-trimmed luxury ladies’ nightgowns and sets made of flowing silk help towards a deep, restful sleep. This way, you can feel completely rested, confident and attractive the next morning.

Elegant kimonos, tops & trousers for dreamy nights

Our negligés, nightgowns and pyjama sets, consisting of elegant shorts and tops, resemble Paris, the centre of our creativity, in many ways. They are charming, sexy and extremely elegant. And even though the beguiling appeal of our luxurious nightwear collection cannot be denied, we want one thing above all: We want you to please enjoy yourself.

That you recognise your strength, your femininity and your individuality. That you look in the mirror and are proud of yourself. That you feel the high-quality materials of our kimonos, blouses, nightshirts and bottoms on your skin and say to yourself: “I feel beautiful, this luxury is just for me!

Exclusive comfort: Luxury nightwear for women in silk & satin

Our luxury sleepwear impresses with its fine lace, exquisite embroidery and the harmonious interplay of colour, cut and texture.

Together with the optical components, the exclusive feel rounds off our luxury nightdresses perfectly. Benefit from the expertise of our designers who work passionately every day to make our luxury silk nightwear even more versatile for you.

Discover the finest materials such as satin and tulle. Experience what it feels like to sleep in silk pants and matching tops. Experience the luxury of selected fabrics on your own body and feel completely at ease – whether alone or with your partner.