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Welcome to AUBADE’s new “Metamorphoses” collection which celebrates the fulfilment of women and their relationships with their bodies, intimacy, seduction and pleasure. New representations of femininity are emerging, echoing social evolution celebrating the values of self-acceptance, inclusion and the increased autonomy of women

Our collection is inspired by Power Dressing. This is a wardrobe for powerful, emancipated women. The Power Dressing movement reached its peak in the 1980s, a response to the increasing number of women in high-level positions. Clothing became a symbol of women’s liberation, proof of authority, competence, power, daring and self-assurance.

The V silhouette, with dramatic shoulders and narrow waists, and high heels embodied a new feminine ideal. Inspiration also came from 1940s glamour and the military wardrobe. Underwear worn as outerwear became a sign of defiance, and leotards, leggings and bodysuits made their way onto the streets..

The roots of the “Metamorphoses” collection lie in this transformation of the body and society by clothes. It is a story of female empowerment. Sensual colours, playful assembly and layering, delicate fabrics and silky shine overturn the codes of seduction, which now shift between sexiness and comfort, exuberance and sensuality. The colour palette also reflects this transgressive spirit. Bold shade of ultraviolet is tempered by the elegance of navy blue. Glamorous and defiant red brings a rebellious edge, while shades of plum, chocolate and almond pink give a sugar-coated finish. A profusion of intense shades lit up by refined textures and sparkling reflections.

Allow this collection to inspire you and leave you feeling daring, powerful and confident in your body and your femininity.