Le Mag
This year has a special flavor for Aubade, the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary .

60 years of French seduction, 60 years of Parisian creation, 60 years of daring! For this anniversary, we imagined a magazine, LeMag, to discover in store or on our website, with rich themes to discover every month. Sparkling with our cult sagas, pretty fashion stories and good addresses, Aubade invites you to discover this first issue.

So, Do you speak Aubade?

To find out, follow the appointments Mag and let yourself be seduced.
What’s hot?
NO 1 18/06/2018
How do you dress (or undress) for a dentist’s appointment, or when meeting your man for a drink? Seduction can strike at any time, so we have created lingerie for every occasion.

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NO 2 18/06/2018
The look
of Lucian Bor
Through the lens of Lucian Bor. Lucian, photographer for our magazine, is a true admirer of women and the female body. He explains his vision of the Aubade woman and what it is about her that appeals to him.

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NO 3 18/06/2018
In praise of generosity
Voluptuous, feminine and sexy, deep cups are no longer hiding themselves away and are there on full view.

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